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An Interview with Julius Caesar


This lesson includes writing a newspaper report for The Briton Daily News about Caesar’s attempt to invade Britain in 55 BC. The information for this report is gained from an interview with Caesar himself.

Caesar had personal reasons of his own for invading Britain which are covered in this lesson as well as the reasons why Rome would benefit from the invasion.

As well as English (writing a newspaper report) and history skills the Evidence-Based Learning skills developed in this lesson include independent learning, peer and self-assessment. This lesson also offers pupils the opportunity to master collaborative learning.  


Each evidence-based learning (EBL) Roman history resource in this set is a complete lesson which uses the history curriculum as a framework through which each of the eight EBL skills can be mastered. Each resource has “mastering” one EBL skill as its central focus and all eight EBL skills are covered more than once in these lessons.

All eight EBL skills are better gained working with a partner so much of the work in these lessons is collaborative. These resources will ensure that pupils can master and use EBL skills regardless of their ability.

Each Roman history lesson will develop a single EBL skill through:

1) A “Before You Start” page that introduces the EBL skill.

2) Opportunities to master this skill during the lesson.

3) An “After You Finish” page that offers pupils the chance to evaluate their learning experience (of the lesson and the EBL skill) and to identify their next step in using the EBL skill.

The skills in bold below are all the EBL skills developed in this Roman lesson. Click on each skill to learn more about that skill.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Thinking Skills
  3. Peer Assessment
  4. Peer Teaching
  5. Self-Assessment
  6. Metacognition
  7. Self-Regulation
  8. Independent Learning


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An Interview with Julius Caesar - Mastering Evidence Based Learning skills through The Romans - KS2 English Evidence Based Learning lesson
An Interview with Julius Caesar